Videos For Streamers

Videos for Streamers

Hello! Optimistic Designers are a team ready to turn your ideas/thoughts into amazing reality. If you are on a platform that live-streaming content, you will likely face situations that call for looped video. Obviously, this presents a problem if you don’t know how to make them.Our experienced team will work with your ideas to create a fantastic looped video that grabs customer attention.

Looped videos are a widely used format. As a live streamer or online streamer, you've undoubtedly seen a lot of videos looped.

Here are a few popular loop patterns:

  • Pre-Roll Loops: These video loops play before a live stream begins to give viewers a chance to settle in.
  • Live Radio/Podcast: These loops provide viewers with something of visual interest when people/subjects aren’t on screen.
  • Animation Scene Loops: These are looping animation scenes, frequently used on lofi music and other music broadcast channels.

Our Process flow


You provide ideas or references


We create a composition sketch


You approval to the sketch


we finish the illustration


Adding Animation and visual effects

Any queries or specific requirements for your video should be directed to us. Unless you want us to operate on the moon, where space suits are costly, we can adapt to nearly any environment. Producing a visually appealing video takes little effort and little time.

Consider allowing us the opportunity to assist you in creating the highest quality streaming video available.