BigCommerce is a prominent e-commerce software platform that offers anything that a startup or established business needs to launch and develop their online Store. It’s a solid platform with a user-friendly design and plenty of built-in functionality. BigCommerce might have been a good option for your new or expanding online business if you’re searching for an all-in-one e-commerce technology platform.

BigCommerce has several amazing features

If you’re looking for a reputable e-commerce software solution, Here’s a brief rundown of our service  BigCommerce Offers You,

  • Pre-built site templates that may be customised.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) is pre-installed on your website.
  • Toolkits for marketing and conversion.
  • Shipping and payment management tools.
  • Uptime of up to 99.99%.
  • e-commerce software that integrates with up to 45 payment gateways.
  • Strong Security System: PCI DSS certified, with 256-bit SSL encryption.
  • A single dashboard for managing your business products listing, Amazon, Social Media, Paypal and other streams.
  • E-commerce solutions for business-to-business transactions.
  • More than 200+add-ons on the BigCommerce app section.

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The most prominent features of BigCommerce

POS Options

Accepting in-store payments using the store’s point of sale terminal is feasible with a POS system. Payments will be automatically synchronised in the cloud for both online and in-store transactions, saving you time and energy while simplifying your payment procedures.

Security and Compliance

Furthermore, credit card payments are supported via BigCommerce purchasing. The SSL certificate is shared by all plans, however higher plans enable dedicated encrypting for your whole transcation to be safer.

SKU and Inventory Management

BigCommerce makes inventory management a breeze. There are no restrictions on connectivity or the amount of goods you may upload with BigCommerce. This makes it an ideal e-commerce platform for companies who want to have a large product library.

Templates and Design

BigCommerce has design tools for everyone, whether you’re a tech-savvy web developer or don’t have the ability to write code for your retail website. They don’t have to learn any codebase their web stores because there are dozens of pre-built templates to pick among.

Options for Coders Too

BigCommerce has a complete HTML editor unless you’re a talented web designer or considering hiring a professional to custom-build your retail site. For those who wish to perform even more in-depth customized layout modifications, it also provides complete access to raw CSS files. The WYSIWYG editor displays you exactly how your text will appear, down to the page layout, colour, and style.

Blogging and SEO

Without bothering about purchasing a professional content management system (CMS), you may effortlessly blog using the built-in blogger feature. You may alter your blog and information in articles to make them SEO-friendly using the administration interface, which allows you complete access to metadata, header tags, titles, and URLs.

Social Media Tools

Finally, BigCommerce makes it simple to promote your business on social media. To convert social networking viewers into shopping online customers, just add “Buy Now” buttons to Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter, instagram, linkedin, etc,.,

What’s Available for E-Commerce Assistance and Support?

BigCommerce has topped over most of the e-commerce software suppliers when it comes to assistance and support. Aside from live chat assistance, email support, and phone assistance, the firm offers a wealth of online materials on its community forum, social media pages, YouTube channel, knowledgebase, and online resource centre to help consumers better understand their platform.

BigCommerce vs Shopify

BigCommerce and Shopify are two of the most well-known online e-commerce platforms. There are few distinctions between these two platforms. Some of them are given below for your reference and knowledge. 

Shopify has a larger theme library. On the other side, when presented with a large number of alternatives, some customers become frustrated, thus having fewer options might help you achieve your objectives faster.

Mobile-responsive themes are available from both platforms

Both BigCommerce and Shopify provide a number of e-commerce business tools and always backup for alternatives in the event that something goes wrong with your online marketplace.


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