A book trailer is one of the most powerful tool in their marketing plan that makes an expose of the book’s potential, which is bundled-up with a short, attractive video that grabs the interest of potential readers. There is proven data that “readers are 64% more likely to purchase a book if they see a book trailer first”

Are you ready to publish book?

We are happy to introduce ourselves as the best Book Trailer Service. Need an impressive book trailer for your book series, a debut novel, a non-fiction book, or a memoir? Our professionals have vast experience in all genres. We create a movie-quality trailer for your book.

Let’s Bring Your Book to Life

Before a reader choose a book to buy, they are more interested to know synopsis of the literature. Instead of knowing the synopsis in written word, its more interesting to make them visually see them. We create a epic trailer that amaze your viewer’s in a way that hooks their interests and tickles their minds which quickly turns viewers into readers.

Movie-quality book trailers to amaze readers

Optimistic Designers Solutions provides an impactful trailer with high quality, best sound tracks, stunning imagery, and either a voiceover for a personal touch or text bursts to give viewers a sense of the story. In recent days, offering your potential readers a trailer of your book makes you different from the majority of other authors. We assure you that our awesome book trailer will set the mood and generate genuine emotions for the reader.


Take advantage of online video marketing with our Cinematic Book Trailer Services. We create book & author trailers that create a unique opportunity for authors to reach vast audiences and deepen their connection with readers. It is also a great way of promoting your book worldwide via YouTube, social media, your website and blog.

Authors are life givers to a book. Why didn’t a author have trailer?… We make it for you, Let’s introduce yourself with an author trailer to your readers!! This is a way for your readers to get to know the story of your life and the person behind their favorite novels/stories.

Visual elements have been proven to be an effective factor for drawing the attention of millions of book-reading audiences. We give your viewers/readers more attention by creating visually stimulating videos much like those of a movie trailer. We will work with you until you have a trailer that will make you proud.