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ChatBot Integration Services

A chatbot is an automated digital communication solution that allows customers to get an instant answer rather than having to wait for customer support to respond. From evaluating prospects to writing conversational notes and enrolling prospects into a customized auto-responder email sequence by single click, the chatbot is actively developing. If you require additional assistance, our smart bots are well-trained with conversational skills to discuss your products/business and conveniently engage with other online platforms like Facebook and assist in routing the discussion to a person for a much more personal touch. They’re an excellent choice for understanding the content purpose behind a customer’s enquiry and for triggering transactions via Webhooks.

functions of chatbot in automation:

  • Chatbot In Automation
  • HR Enquiries
  • Sales Follow Up And Marketing
  • Employee Onboarding And Internal HR
  • Customer E-mail and Live Chat Support

How Do AI Chatbots Help Your Business & Customer Support?

Customer Support & Service is a term that refers to how much a company supports its clients. Chatbots are mostly described as Informative & Interactive Text Response.  Businesses from all around the globe are slowly but steadily jumping on board with chatbots. 90% of companies/organisations aspire to incorporate chatbots into they core business operations by 2022. Several reasons behind why chatbots will eventually overtake web and mobile apps are as follows:

  • A much more personal experience with your company — Chatbots could really interact with you in the identical sense that a human sales representative would, and in certain instances, perform better than humans in terms of consistency and problem-solving proficiency, Credits to their own Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionality driven by machine learning and artificial intelligence.


  • Make client service as simple as possible — With artificial intelligence on any platform of your clients’ choosing, you can cut average waiting time in half and boost first contact resolution (FCR) by 80% to ensure 100% client satisfaction. All of this leads to better customer satisfaction, thus improving your brand’s NPS and CSAT.


  • Greater Access Speed — Unlike smartphone and online apps, chatbots run almost rapidly and consistently. They also never occupy your storage space, unlike other applications, because they don’t need to be downloaded and, instead of installing, chatbots can be utilized immediately and directly from the hosting server.


  • Replace the barrier that comes with purchase procedures that need human interaction for customer service & support. Your customers may use AI-powered chatbots to choose the correct product, tackle issues, make payments, and even complete a business with hardly any human intervention.


  • Outstanding service accuracy — chatbots do not get weary and do not require intervals or relaxation like humans. As a result, customers can expect the same quality of support 24x7x366.


The digital era certainly changed the way individuals communicate with each other rapidly. More time has been spent on chatting rather than on social networking. How do you keep up with customers’ on-demand requests while delivering content across all major messaging platforms? You may grow your audience by engaging individuals based on their particular interests and behaviours, and you can cultivate significant business partnerships by building stronger ties with your clients using AI ChatBots.

Benefits of our ChatBot developement Services

Enhance the client experience

Improves the quality of services and customer satisfaction

Increase consumer involvement with your company

Obtain high-quality leads

Manage your product catalogues

Upsell and cross-sell items based on sale driven Conversion

Enhanced customer loyalty that leads to greater customer engagement

Start simply and envision the opportunities

Usually, chatbot software programmes just do one trick: they chat. But our AI ChatBots, on the other hand, respond to popular queries using precise dialog and clear NLP while converting the conversation language into consideration, helping customers to communicate their queries in their own language.

Create once, deploy everywhere

Chatbots developed using the optimistic designers solution may be simply implemented to platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Google Business, telegram, company website and etc.,

“Our AI ChatBots Enables to revitalize your business

By deploying a conversational AI system chatbot, companies could save up to 35% on customer support & service expenses. It really can train itself on the fly, which saves you a considerable amount of money and time. By using AI-enabled chatbots, you can operate around the clock without human interaction for easy and complicated inquiries, saving your contact centre costs.


Integrate with Your tech stack; It works in unison for you

Interact, Attract, Generate, and Retain More Customers With Our AI ChatBots

Online marketing expenditures have gotten out of control in most sectors. The money spent on attracting customers to your business or website is steadily increasing. It’s infuriating to spend money on marketing initiatives that do not really work. Consider WhatsApp and Messenger Bots as additional marketing platforms to give your brand a voice. It can also be used in collaboration with Pay Per Click (PPC), social media, and email, not as a replacement for those. An excellently designed WhatsApp & Messenger bot may improve your users’ brand experience, boost loyalty and engagement, and increase conversion rates.

Here are a few methods on how to effectively utilise WhatsApp + Messenger Bots in your marketing strategy

Facebook Page & Post Autoresponder

Engage your audience in fresh ways while collecting leads. Your bot may react privately through message to each remark made on your page or post.

Increase lead conversions and lower cost-per-lead. When a prospect/visitor clicks on your ads, it may launch a natural WhatsApp/Messenger discussion, capturing leads seamlessly.

Facebook Advertisements

Instagram Advertisements

whenever a prospect hits your advertisement on Instagram, it may initiate a spontaneous WhatsApp or Messenger conversation, gathering leads in the same way it does with Facebook advertising.

Make your voice noticed! Bots for WhatsApp and Messenger have greater lead generation and click-through rates than e-mail. Customers are more connected, and the interactions are more personalized.++

Lead Nurturing & Retention

Lead Generation & Segmentation

When someone interacts with your WhatsApp and Messenger bot, you acquire their data automatically. You may also be able to personally re-engage with them.

Our Approach to Developing a Remarkable ChatBot

1. Let’s Discuss about your ChatBot through call or mail

Our experts will go over a call or email to discuss a detailed information about your chatbot goal & Objective with you and explain how to fill up the bot Conversation Flow layout.

2. share us the project resources

You would further submit whatever Project Resources that is required  by our team to develop the AI chatbot to your specifications & Objectives.

3. Follow-up call

We’ll contact you via call or email for a follow-up required to clarify any queries by our IT team might have about chatbot requirements or project resources.

4. Chatbot Building process

Your chatbot will be designed, and you will receive a first copy of the developed chatbot in the form of a video clip to evaluate, examine and review.

5. Revisions

You can give us comments on the initial copy, and we’ll deliver you a revised copy with the changes you requested us to implement on your ChatBot.

6. Testing

To ensure seamless bot functionality, we execute conversational patterns and business situations via multiple testing in this step.

7. Deployment

The chatbot will be integrated into your business’s WhatsApp & Messenger platforms and is now ready to engage with clients in this reality world.

8. Monitor and Optimize

Our expertise monitors the bot’s functionality for the next 10 days once it has been deployed into your business/company in order to identify and address any difficulties.

“Start engaging with your customers and grow your business”

Why choose Optimistic Designers Solution for Chatbot development?


Creating bespoke Chatbots is our specialty, and we maintain our clients informed throughout the Chatbot creation process.


We specialise in the creation of interactive Chatbots.


On-time implementation of ChatBot is our highest priority, and we also have a professional Chatbot developers to help us with that.


We are well recognised among the businesses competing for the title of finest Chatbot Development Service Firm in Malaysia.


We make certain that the Chatbots are extremely engaging and human-like in nature.

Build deep connections with your customers and engage with them even when you’re not available.

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