Company Profile Videos

Company Profile Videos

Video marketing is a powerful medium that will predominantly boost brand engagement, increase trust in a company, and is a trend that can be viewed and utilized by anybody anywhere at anytime. There were some days when the primary ways of interacting with customers were through television, newspaper ads, sales brochures, radio, and magazines. Now, we are in a fast-paced advanced society where information is constantly at our fingertips. There is a statistic that every minute 500 hours of content is being uploaded to YouTube. That’s a lot of video content on only one platform! Video marketing has become a prime opportunity for brands or services to target their more effective consumers by creating a company profile video.

Do you need to engage more visitors on your website? The very first video you need is a “Company Profile” video. It would definitely act as a valuable addition to your content marketing strategy. You can share your profile video with your target audience and publish it online or on your social media profiles. You can surely expect good increased traffic to your site, resulting in more leads and sales.

What is a company profile video?

Your company profile is your big opportunity to create a dynamic film that promotes your business and grabs customers’ attention. A good company profile has the power to convert potential customers or visitors into customers in a time-efficient and engaging way. 

A company profile video is a short synopsis of your brand/product/services as a whole and what they offer to the consumer. A company profile video can be created in interview style, illustration, overlayed with music and imagery, or even a fine art documentary-style video. The sky’s limit would be the creativity of our designers when creating your company’s profile video. The most important thing is to grab the viewer’s attention within the first 5-15 seconds. Being concise is more important, but that doesn’t mean it has to be stiff or stuffy. Be you and allow your true brand identity and voice to shine through through the sky.

Why Us for Creating Corporate Video That Amazes Customers

Are you planning to create a branded video for the first time? Adding a corporate video to your social media can make audiences 10 times more likely to get engaged with your brand or service and share your post. Our experienced team have some essential tips for you on producing an awesome corporate video that captures the attention of your audience and converts their interest in your product/services.

1. We Start with a brainstorm

Sometimes it will be clear what kind of video your business needs and how it should be created. But many times, it can be tricky to turn an idea for a product/service tutorial or explainer video into a full-concept brand video. We start with a brainstorm that can help those ideas thrive. Some of the ideas can even serve as inspiration for your corporate videos down the line.

2. We Focus on the benefits of your company/Brand

“Anytime possible, it’s more enjoyable to watch videos rather than reading books”

The trick on creating a successful corporate video is to create one that resonates with customers. Listing features on videos will be informative, but it doesn’t help your audience to make a decision how your product or service is right for them. Illustrating the benefits is an effective approach.

3. We create The Perfect script/storyboard

We use storyboards to create our animated profile videos. It is not only a great way of organizing your ideas, but it is also a great way to visualize them. By creating a visual with a good script/storyboard for your business, you can readily discover potential ways to develop a company profile video.

4. We build an inspiring conclusion

Your video can look stunning when you make sure engaging the narrative and a central message feels on a right way. Before you establish the look, make sure the feel is right.

Are the words, voiceover, idea of the first scene, intro’s & outro’s are perfectly positioned and related? Do they catch your customers attention immediately? Here is a simple answer; You are trying to tell a story with video communication about your brand or services, so make sure it has a good beginning, middle informative session, and  perfect ending that holds the viewer’s interest throughout your video.

5.We relate your ideas with strong visuals

“your first scene should be eye-catching to create intrigue at first glance”

Your video’s design should be a positive reflection of your brand or service personality. It should be fun, informative, animated, professional and minimal. Whatever style you choose, it doesn’t matter. Make sure it’s consistent and related across your video communications. We choose visuals seriously, considering imagery and colors that bring your ideas to life.



Why do you need a company profile video?

Its a fact that, People remember video more than pictures or text. We make sure your company profile video are designed by professionals that will make your brand recognizable and memorable. Your video can be made with feelings of emotion, sympathy, happiness and confidence by that way which creates an impression on your audience.

In addition, once your video is published onto the social media and websites, it can be easily found by potential customers any time of night or day – it won’t get lost like a traditional brochure.

What can you expect from us?

We ensure your business video meets your expectations and your objectives. We will plan the right video for you according to your business, product, service, and targeted market & budget. We make sure your company profile video will set you apart from competitors by adding professionalism, building customer trust through integrity and transparency. Your company profile video can help you to start attracting new business/customers from your website or through your social media channels.

Whether you need a high end brand video or a video to explain exactly what you are?! Contact us today and discover how to get started to ensure your objectives are met.