If you care about your brand/business, taking the opportunity of a professional corporate video editing service is one of the best things you can do for your company/brand. Regardless of whether you are representing a start-up company, a small business, or a larger company or corporate, we can help you out with our professional service that makes you feel good.

A Professional Corporate video can help you attract more clients & empower your brand.

The corporate videos you share with your clients/customers are your digital business cards that speak a lot about your profile. We at Optimistic Designers Solution have many years of experience in corporate video editing and we always make customers happy with our results & service.

Our team of video editors has a solid background in editing a wide range of corporate videos, such as Product Demos, Promo Videos, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, Webinars, Conferences and Seminars, Real Estate videos, Training Videos, and many more. All you need to do is send us your footage and a brief of your ideas & requirements. Explain to us what the message you want to convey & communicate to your audience/customers and our professional team will do the rest for you.

Here's what we can do

We just love making magic by converting your dull and boring (no disrespect) footage into an engaging and fun clip. Our team of editors have the knowledge and skills to see your project through from start to finish. We assure you that your results will be far beyond your business expectations. The corporate video editing services we offer fall into one of the categories below. But, we are always open to new challenges.


We can take any footage of yours and create a video to showcase your property in a professional way. It can be any shot of your property. Our experienced editors apply state of the art to your video. We can make sure your property stands out.


Need your interview or show cuts edited? We will cut off any unnecessary scenes/shots and will make names or any messages pop-up on the screen, and we can also add a nice audio background & attractive effects to lead to delivering a BBC-like interview video. You describe what you want. We create more than you want.


Want to exactly transfer the feel of your customers’ testimonials into a professional video? Our corporate video editing service can turn your customer feedback into a good-looking testimonial video that can be uploaded or shared on your website that will improve your company’s brand and viewers’ trust.


Make an easier way for your customers to know more about your company, what you do, what your business does, how you do it, and who the people behind your brand’s success are. We can create an ultimate video that gives exposure to your team, the skills and services you provide with an engaging, up-to-date company profile video.


Our corporate video editing service can be the best way to launch your new product into the world. Our experienced video production team helps to create an informative, fun, clear, and engaging product demo video. You send us your product shots & video script (We can also support with scripts in any language). Our team will take care of the rest and we will make sure the finished video gets viral by showcasing your product.


We create an instructional video by turning your scripts & messages into a clear, concise, and easily understandable video to be followed by your viewers. There is a saying that a picture is worth 1,000 words, but we say one perfectly created video is worth 1000 pictures. We can help you to create that worthwhile piece of instructional video.


We know that online ads, especially on Facebook/YouTube, have a high conversion ratio nowadays. That definitely impacts on your business growth. So if you want to convert all viewers into new customers, send us the script & small shots of video and we will create the best & most comprehensive video ad for high conversion.

Conference and Seminars

We can provide the best edits for your video footage of conferences and seminars. Let our professionals take care of the results that you’ll love to share with clients.

Industries & Manufacturing shop floor videos

Our video editing service can help you showcase your shop floor or service, how convenient, spacious & safe the environment you provide for your employees creates the opportunity to reach your target audience effectively.



Optimistic Designers Solution creates a professional marketing video that helps to reach out to your existing or potential customers, which makes your products/services easy to watch. Our experienced video editors make sure your brand awareness will be increased by boosting your video marketing. The corporate video editing services for marketing videos fall into one of the following categories:


By adding the right text overlays, animations, and effects, your viewers will be more likely to enjoy your videos of webinar replays, interactives, or FAQ videos. Our professionals will make plain old and boring screencast videos into attractive videos.


Getting your audience more interested in your information and making them present throughout the session of whiteboard videos is a really challenging task. But, by using our corporate video editing service, your videos are created and edited by our professionals, which will boost your audience retention and increase your sales/conversions.


We know filming a speech video is not a challenging task, but the real challenge is choosing the key points/moments of your speech and editing them into a cool video. It is our professional responsibility. We always satisfy the customers by transmitting the message to your audience in an attractive and creative way.


If your company is planning a massive re-branding process, do you want to create a video that reflects your re-branded company’s identity? Optimistic designers can help you out. Your part is just to share the existing footage. We add all your new visual identity and re-edit your video in a manner that suits your new brand.


Optimistic Designers Solution can make your message clear and concise by using our professional editors to turn hours of footage into a short & dynamic video reel. We optimize your video by capturing all the key elements in just one minute video reel.


Our team is well known for how to use animation and motion graphic elements in your explainer videos. So that any complex concept or messages on the screen will be easy to understand.


If you have a revolutionary or your own idea for a video which doesn’t fit  to any of the above categories we are more enthusiastic to hear it. We are up for any challenging projects.

The average turnaround time for the our corporate video editing service is 5-7 working days. Once the edit is ready we will send it over to you and allow up to 3 free revisions. We can assure that you will be 100% satisfied with our Corporate video editing Services. Send us your footage now and we will make the best video for your Brand/Business. 

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