Drone video editing services

 If you are a real estate company planning to promote your property to prospective buyers, or a construction company planning to visually document the progress of a constructing/building, you have reached the right destination, who perform the professional drone video editing as masters.

With the Optimistic Designers Service, you will receive a professional video from the raw footage captured by the Drone GoPro Camera, which can be uploaded/shared on your website, social media, or marketing partner. It will showcase the potential of your project and your company to your prospective buyers. That will lead you to reaching a wider audience and maximizing its attraction to new buyers.

We have a simplified Drone video editing service. All you need to do is just upload your captured footage & Brief us your requirements, other responsibilities are with us;our professionals will do the rest part. If you are not satisfied with first version of the edited video, we offer you three rounds of edits completely free of charge. Your smile of satisfaction is our biggest goal of our business.

We offer our services in two perspective of options


If you’re a real estate broker, property seller or a real estate agent, we have vast experience of requirements and needs to showcase your property in the best way to grab a potential client’s attention. At Optimistic Designers Solution, our experienced video editors have built a good portfolio of clients. We always present our Drone editing service that never fails to impress property buyers or real estate agents. If you have a specific idea for video editing in mind, simply share your idea with us. We are always eager to make your ideas possible.


If you’re a construction company, what would be a better way to showcase your construction skills and your ongoing projects to potential clients than by using time-lapse videos? Yes…!! Time-Lapse videos are the biggest hit attraction for the construction business. With Optimistic Designers Solution, our team will help you to give your videos that extra feel & attraction that makes your clients engaged, leaving them with a curiosity to know more about you and your business.

Our video editing services will completely transform your video, showcasing your time-lapse footage to full of its potential.

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