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E learning videos

Why Animation E-learning Video Production Services Are Crucial

eLearning is no longer confined to the classroom. Today, everyone needs the freedom and flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere, at their own pace. That would definitely be good news for organizations/educational institutions who stand to save lots of money and time by delivering their educational content virtually via E-Learning video. If you’re looking to take e-Learning to the next level through videos, take our E-Learning video services to get the best learning experience.

Benefits of having an e-Learning Video?

There are several benefits of E-Learning videos. Here are a few things we always take care to make best out of it!


Using videos to communicate ideas and concepts makes learning insightful, engaging and a learner to have an interactive session


E-Learning is ideal for visual learners who understand and retains the information better when ideas, words, and concepts are associated with images, animations and videos.


Videos could be made easily accessible on all devices of varying internet speeds. Multi-device accessible of E-Learning videos enables learners to learn anywhere, anytime and any devices.


Having animated videos of any kind can add special effect and style to your e-learning courses.You can use animations, such as white-board drawings, animated characters, animated explainer videos which makes learner’s visually engaged throughout the course.


You can have an interactive video-based learning course in no time, without burning a hole in your pocket. You can employ videos with engaging content created by industry professionals, to exactly suit your business objectives. Animated e-learning videos are also meant to be cost & time effective.


 This is mostly useful for salespeople, employee’s training when it comes to teaching them how to handle customer objections. Important benefit of using these videos is that they can be employed to illustrate how not to do something and then getting the learner’s to spot the mistakes how not to do. Animated e-learning videos are very versatile.

We have a wide range of eLearning video types to choose from

Micro videos

Micro videos are short and instructional videos that focus on teaching a single, narrow topic. They are usually less than a minute long

Training videos are designed to improve employees’ workplace skills and training experience to the fullest. They commonly cover interpersonal topics, such as compliance and harassment training, or job-related topics, such as hardware & software training and sales & customer handling related training.

Training Videos

Presentation and Lecture Capture Videos

This video is a kind of recording of a lecture or presentation to make it available for an audience to consume. These are presentation or lesson videos that are great for later review or to make them available to an audience who couldn’t attend the live event.

A tutorial video is the kind of instructional method for teaching a process or steps needed to complete a task. These tutorials videos may & can teach just about anything.

Tutorial Videos

Screencast Videos

Screencasts are simply for a smaller audience than tutorial videos. Screencasts are great for quick, informal instruction to the audience and they are designed to teach someone to perform a task or share knowledge, which is a great way to visually communicate about an idea or a solution to a question/problem.

These videos are mainly for educators, which represent in-class lectures, where learners/students are taught at home via lecturettes online. E-learning videos allow you to apply distance learning within your organization, and make educational programs scalable.

Lecturette Videos

Nowadays, the e-learning business has a very big, huge market. There are various factors, such as virtual classrooms, distance learning, and e-campuses. We have a prediction report that the e-learning market will touch $20 billion in 2024. E-learning videos are a greater source for organizations/corporates to ensure uniform training across all locations for all positions of employees. They are also an excellent tool for induction training for new talent within your organization.

Our E-learning Production Team Work Flow


We Brainstorm with client’s to visualize your goals, ideas and requirements.


We organize the team’s to work for your unique projects


Our experienced scriptwriters build a story that fits into the video format you have chosen.


We create a visuals necessary illustrators for animation production( character, color, locations, objects, etc., ).


Animators bring life to everything that we discussed with you during the concept discussion.


At this step we will produce a soundtrack for e-learning video planned by bringing together all the music, voiceover, and sound effects.


Most E-learning videos are accompanied by a voiceover to make a personal touch. We have experienced VO artists  of different languages, ages, genders, nationalities, tonality, and modalities of voice.

They are also ideal for industries where complex operations/concepts can be explained with the help of 3D animation. E-learning videos are an effective tool to showcase safety procedures, introduce new procedures or standards that need to be followed within an organization. This helps your business to build internal branding for employees and vendors.

We Create a Professional E-Learning video that Grab attention of the client’s which would be user-friendly and easy to navigate. Contact Us NOW!!!