The Optimistic Designers Solution editing team will take your footage and create those raw footage into memorable family videos that will remain a treasure for life. Our process is the simplest one. Just share your raw footage with us. Our experienced editors will create a fabulous, memorable video. If you need any changes after the first version submitted to you, you get three free rounds of revisions and we always consider your satisfaction as the success of the project.

We offer a service that is tailor-made to capture memories of your family

Whether you have short footage of birthday videos or Christmas holiday videos captured using a smartphone, camcorder, DSLR, or GoPro camera. That would not be a problem for us. We are expert enough to work on any footage in any format and deliver you a memorable family film. Just send us your clips or footage, tell us your requirements to make the video more special, and let our experienced team take the magic show that brings back all those lovable moments back to life. Let it be your kids’ growing up years videos, birthday videos, Christmas holiday videos, get-together videos, party videos, farewell videos, or Hari Raya Aidilfitri or Chinese New Year videos. We have extensive experience & passionate video editors to help you treasure your precious family moments to relive them forever!

Our Services


Surprise your loved ones with our montage video on their special day. Don’t worry thinking about how to create a video montage. Your part is just to collect short clips from friends & family and Let our professionals create a best montage video. Whether the montage is for a birthday, graduation, anniversary, Employee Farewell, baby shower or anything, Lets make your beloved ones happy.


Birthdays are always the best days of memories for your children and capturing them growing up are the ones you will cherish forever. Lets protect those wonderful moments into a growing up video that you can watch again and again. Whether it would be a series of short clips or birthday video messages as they cross the ages, or a birthday video every year that creates happiness & shows just how much they have grown.

Just share us your footage and we will create a video of your memories that you’ll always treasure. Importantly, your privacy is always taken care of and we assure you that your birthday videos will never be used on our website or elsewhere.


The holidays are a wonderful time for making good memories. The Christmas holiday is the best moment when we join together with our family and have a beautiful time with our grandparents. Let our professional editors turn your footage into memorable Christmas videos. Whether it’s the family dinner or the cute moment of the little ones when they open their presents from Santa, each moment together creates a treasury family video.

Are you wondering about how to create your footage into a marvelous video? Just believe us! We do it fantastically. Just share us your footage. That’s it. We’ll work together until you’re completely happy with the video our professionals made!


A baby shower is one of the most traditional and memorable moments when loved ones come together to express their joy and happiness. A baby shower is always a special event with different names in different cultures. It’s a time for friends, family, and other loved ones to share their love, time, and good wishes. On this unforgettable day, not only are parents excited, but all the loved ones, like future grandparents, aunts & uncles, neighbors, and friends, will be eager to welcome the new member of the family with a lot of excitement and joy.


A Farewell will always never be a celebration. It is a mixed emotional moment of saying goodbye. The farewell always be organized with lots of themes, like unique dress code, more games to get the party fun & entertained, sharing a slideshow of memories you enjoyed together. Wow… really it should have been a fantastic day. Hope you captured all the moments. Do you have a plan to convert them into a memorable video? No worries…! Let our professional video editors create your farewell into a lifelong treasure.


Graduation day is the most memorable day in the life of a student. The most important thing is to feel proud of yourself and your success on this graduation day. You shouldn’t let these moments just pass through without a celebration; after all, you have worked hard for the past three or more years to get to where you are now. Look back on your happiest moments, challenges you’ve faced in college. It’s a day to recall all the precious moments spent together. Graduating is a huge milestone and a great life achievement. We guess you didn’t miss out on capturing the party atmosphere of your celebration & enjoyment. If yes, we make it more special. Just share us your video and let our professionals take care of the rest.


A retirement party is a reward day for the retiree for his past achievements & accomplishments as well as his future endeavors. Retirement is a major milestone in your life and should be recognized in a memorable way. Some of the best retirement parties do organize a speech by their co-workers about their best achievements, fun & interesting facts about retirees, which may be their family members also didn’t recognize till date. The hardest part of retirement is saying good bye to people you see & spending more time than you spend with your family. It would have definitely been a long journey. It can be very touching moments filled with smiles and tears. Have you captured all your memorable moments? Let us take charge. Just send us all the footage; our professional editor will make your moments more memorable and beautiful.


Birthdays are special day filled with happiness, joy & full of pleasant surprises. You would have always some special wishes and moments your never forget on every birthday. Lets get captures all those moments. Share us your birthday footage, We do it for you. Our talented editors will bring each and every moments lively into the video that would be the more precious gift from Optimistic Designers Solution.


Chinese and Chinese communities world wide celebrate Chinese New Year in February, usually at the beginning of the Lunar Year. The preparations mostly begin a month earlier as there are too many things to be done before the great day arrives. It is the most important festival for every Chinese person. Not only do Chinese people make their homes ready for this great event, but all kinds of Chinese delicacies are also prepared to make this day tastier. Homes are cleaned and decorated with new curtains, new cushions and carpets that give the home a new look. Red lanterns are hung outside and new pots of flowers and Mandarin orange plants are placed in the garden to make this day more special.


Are the streets filled with ketupat leaves and colourful lights? There’s joy everywhere in the air and everybody seems to be beautifully and traditionally dressed—yes, it’s Hari Raya time! Usually on the 1st day of Syawal, the 10th month of the Hijrah (Islamic) calendar, there are joyful, lively celebrations—after a month of fasting (Puasa), known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, also defined as Ramadan (Ramzan). Every Muslim enjoys this little vacation and takes this chance to catch up with their families. No doubt you would have captured all the lively moments of your joy. Let’s make it more lovable. Share us the footage; our professionals will take care of converting that joy and happiness into a video.

The most cute thing about this day is that children receive red packets containing money from their parents and their elders. The happiness glows on children’s faces when they receive the red packets is a beautiful moment. On Chinese New Year’s evening, the whole family gathers at the parents’ home for a re-union dinner. Everyone staying away from the family will travel miles for this reunion & no one will miss this festival celebration together with their entire family. This is only the start of the Chinese New Year celebrations, which stretch on for a period of fifteen days. 

Are you planning about how to create your footage into collective video?  Just believe us on this! We do it in authentic way. Just share us your complete celebration footage. Your contribution ends there. Let Optimistic Designers take the responsibility to complete your happiest moments into a Pretty video!