We Identify game’s strengths to shine and speak for themselves

If you are looking for an epic and interesting video for your newly designed online game or Steam game/app, look no further. We are happy that you have reached our one of the favorite editing categories. A trailer or a promo video requires pacing, rhythm, sound design, motion graphics, and catchy visuals., On which we are familiar.

Optimistic Designers Solution has a wealth of experience in creating game trailers for all kinds of games, like 2D/3D/RPG/MMORPG, and we have supported the creation of unique trailers for numerous game servers. Our experienced editors will use limitless creativity to edit and create a breakthrough video that will attract people’s eyes and create an enthusiasm to try-out the game.


You will just provide us

footage of the Game scenes

Catchy words (If you Interested)

Record of your Own game play

Game Theme Audio (If you Interested)


Our professionals will take care of the rest

Animated logos

Speed Manipulation

Colour Grading

Music Synchronization

Motion Graphics

Intros and Outros

Royalty free music

Smooth Transitions


Crowd Simulation

3D & 2D Animation


Its your Game; Let us show how the magic happens.

Our team of game trailer editors is filled with a passion for games. We know that stories in gaming have become more and more prominent. Cinematography plays a vital role in video games’ commercial success. We do offer our complete abilities to help create the cinematic or gameplay trailer that makes your dream come-through. 

“Let us be your secret weapon”

A trailer video is the best way to showcase the theme of your game and make people to visualize the story behind it. Whatever the game is about, we always love finding ways to refine it into a trailer.

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