Informative and infomercial videos

Informative and infomercial videos

An informative/infomercial is a form of longer video or advertisement that acts as a unique program to pitch a product or service with a call to action. The term infomercial is a combination of the words “information” and “commercial.” However, in Europe and many countries, they are referred to as “paid programming/advertising” or “teleshopping.”

Informative/infomercial Animation videos are able to elaborate more details about a product or service. The ultimate purpose of infomercials videos is to prompt the customers to respond on call to action or visit a website to make a purchase of your product or services.


  • Infomercials are different from regular commercials because they last longer and have no breaks in the program.
  • Infomercials usually appear on television during off-peak hours and can run from a half-hour to nearly one hour long.
  • The cost of an infomercial is considerably cheaper than that of a commercial advertising, particularly on the length of time that each airs.

Who doesn’t like video?!

Everyone loves to see videos. So get ahead of your competitors by making an informative video that differentiates your business and captivates viewers with impressive animated text, colorful graphics, and strong calls to action. It is a simple way to elevate your brand and impress your audience without doubt.