Joomla Website Design

Joomla Website Design

If you’re one of the individuals who might have heard of Joomla, CMS, and other technical jargon but isn’t sure what they mean, you’ve come to the correct spot. I’ll go over everything in depth, and I guarantee that by the conclusion of this session, you’ll know everything there was to know about Joomla. Now, the first question that arises is, “What is Joomla?” Right? So, let’s get this one out of the way first.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a content management system (CMS) that is free and open source. It enables you to create dynamic webpages and apps with ease. It offers a convenient design that allows you to get the most out of its features and capabilities. Joomla has risen in popularity over the last decade to become one of the most frequently used content management systems in the world. It has effectively acquired a large fanbase since its beginning in 2005, and it has over 80+ million downloads to date.

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Joomla's most notable characteristics

Joomla is an excellent platform for creating websites of any size. Some of its key characteristics are listed below.


Everyone benefits from being multilingual. Obviously, it is a feature to be delighted about for people who do not speak English. Yes! Joomla may be used in many languages. There are 75 languages supported by the software. I must admit, this is a really long list.

Responsive in nature

Presently, having a responsive website is expected. Because every subsequent person uses a smartphone to access the internet. in order to never miss out on a prospective website visitor having a website that performs flawlessly on every device of any screen size is necessary. Joomla also allows you to create a fully responsive website.

Easy to Use

Joomla is an open source project that is completely free to use. But just because it’s free doesn’t mean it’s without features. In fact, the totally user-friendly interface will astound you with its WYSIWYG function, which produces identical results every time. Another thing to be happy with is the regular updates. New features and functionalities are added to Joomla on a regular basis. It becomes simpler to work with each new update.


When building a website, security is most important to consider. To reduce the risk of being hacked, Joomla offers two-factor authentication. So your Joomla site will not be hacked, but if you leave a fairly common username & password and incase someone gains access, you can quickly restore the security breached Joomla website.

Joomla Forum

Anyone can contribute to Joomla forum on a volunteer basis. Joomla is an open source project which welcomes volunteers and their contributions to it. With whatever skillset and with as much as you can contribute to it and let others use your creation. In this forum, you get to know other Joomla followers and you might learn something from them. If you ever stumble on any problem. Chances are that someone has already discussed that in the forum and you can easily get the solution form it on a voluntary basis, anyone may contribute to the Joomla forum. Joomla is an open source project that values the efforts of volunteers. With whatever talent you have and as much as you can offer, create something and let people utilize it. You may get to know many Joomla users in this forum, and you could acquire something from them. Most likely, someone has previously addressed it on the forum, and you may simply find a solution there.

Joomla is Simplest and easy to use. There are also a number of additional aspects that make it simple to deal with. These characteristics set it apart from the competition.

What makes Joomla such a perfect fit?

1. Joomla will provide you with a fully SEO optimised website. There are several Joomla SEO strategies that can help you build a great website and rank on search engine.

2. Over 8,000 extensions are available to wow you with their features.

3. User Management (ACL), where ACL stands for Access Control List, is a tool for controlling your site's visitors.

4. You have complete freedom to create as many menus as you like.

5. URL redirection is a straightforward process

6. With only one click, you may get the latest updates

7. Joomla Extensions Directory

8. Huge Free Joomla Templates

Are you ready to build a most favored CMS. I’m confident you never will switch to any other CMS once you start using Joomla. Now is the time to contact us!!!