Kids animation Videos

Kids Animation Videos

“Animation plants the seeds of goodwill and kindness in children”

Let us go back in time and recall our fun-time and carefree days of childhood. Those days were full of unlimited imagination and dreams. Among all the fun activities, kids love to watch television, especially animated cartoons. It becomes really difficult to move them from their seats while they are watching their favorite cartoon shows. Kids After watching their favorite cartoon shows like Chotta Bheem, Shinchan, Dora, Doremon, Mickey Mouse, Dexter, Dragon Booster, etc., they sometimes narrate the stories to us, explain the characters, and even force their siblings to sit with them to watch. The twists and turns in the story not only attract kids, but many adults as well. That’s the power of beautiful and good-content cartoons.

Tiffany Mann, a certified child life specialist at Providence Health & Services, tells in an interview that your child’s age affects what kinds of TV shows and movies they enjoy. Cartoons are animated to cater to what their young brains need to develop and grow. “Cartoons are completely characterized by vibrant colors, various degrees of movement, simple themes or messages fulfilled with fun for children to understand, shorter duration, varied sounds, and other stimuli that interest children,” Mann says.

Animation creates a world in which kids enjoy and can relate themselves to. Kids love funny and colourful things, and cartoons provide them with all of that. Sound effects play a major role in creating this attraction. You must have noticed that kids remember all the title songs of their favorite animated shows.

importance of animation to kids

Nowadays, many animation series are interactive knowledge-based cartoons. They provide learning with fun. This sort of engagement, in which children become part of what they watch and do, is one of the reasons for the popularity and importance of animation to kids.