Live Action Explainers

Live Action Explainers

Optimistic Designers always feel proud of their service, which offers great explainer video production services for brands from all over the globe. Many businesses face the challenge of clearly describing what they do or what they sell to their potential customers in a way that can be easily understood. That’s where live action explainers step in. Live action Explainer videos help to narrate your business prospects in a way that grabs attention to your brand personality while promoting your products.

 Real people, real voices, effective messaging

Even though videos act as an integral part of today’s marketing plans and there are several types of explainer videos, among those, Live Action Explainers are highly preferred by top marketing people because they help viewers to get emotional connected to your brand/company or product/service. It incorporates a spokesperson, animated symbols, texts or excerpts into the live action video to create visuals that engage the target audience.

Live action Explainer videos are also known to be corporate videos as corporates highly utilize Live action Explainer videos to communicate about their current products, processes, culture, achievements, highlights, etc., and also for staff training purposes. With live action videos, you can add our experienced explainers touch that will engage the audience.

What is a Live Action Video?

We See;We Believe

Live Action is a more transparent way to communicate with customers, and it can add value to the story by creating a powerful explainer video. That’s where live action video leads the market. There is a proven statistic, “Among the videos we watch every day, 90% of videos must be/will be live action videos”. Everything is purposeful for your branding alike. The advertisements, product explanations, training, interviews, and more are mostly live action videos.

Benefits of Live Action Explainer videos

Good Explainers

Live Action video is a good way to demonstrate/explain a product or service.

Strong Bonding

It is also a great tool to get connected with your customers, especially if you run a personal business, like a Retail Stores, consulting firm, or a restaurant. People like seeing other people using your product/service with benefits. It gives them an emotional connection, which will be effective and efficient when showing your story.

Time Efficient

Video can be Shot within a few couple of days. Live action videos are shot on real time which is feasible to make necessary adjustments or even improvement on shots on the spot.

Great Marketing Tool

Live Action video are also a great choice if you want to showcase how your actual products works or looks like in a real-life .

Ease of use

Live action Videos gives you the creative freedom to combine it with other kinds of visuals like motion graphics to create awesome added effects or animation.


Live action explainers may be pricey (depending on your script and budget), but they have high return on investment. They can generate leads and create high conversions because they are personable.


Live Shoot Videos are the best suite for customers who feel seeing is believing. For example, if a customer automatically claims the product/service from seeing it in action, then the best answer for it would be Live Action Video. We don’t need to complicate the style of marketing products or services.

Best Features of Live Action Videos

Can be budgeted for all customers

live action videos no more a expensive thing for a startup companies, SME to go with this kind of video for they marketing purpose now-a-days.

Best suited for Physical products

When a business plans live action videos to promote their physical products, with our experienced Explainers it helps the viewer to visualize the product, process and its features., witnessing how the product can be used and benefited by customers.

Lively and connect emotionally

People are highly influenced using live action explainer videos as the message/advertisement is delivered by people like them. The feelings and the mood of the video impact the viewers with a belief & emotionally influencing their perceptions and purchase decisions towards the product or service.

Brand Personality

Every brand has a personality & Needs. Live action explainers give you an opportunity to express it to your targeted customers. It helps viewers to recognize your business by they way you desire.

camera captured picture/video never misses nothing, and neither your audience

Basic Rules to Make a effective live action explainer video:

  • Powerful beginning that will grab the attention of viewers
  • Should be straightforward so viewers don’t lose interest or attention Halfway
  • Should Contain clear message and a persuasive call to action
  • A compelling story that’s in line with the Product or Service
  • Use owners, staff and clients to appear on video that makes you more trustworthy

We have proficient team that is passionate about creating visual masterpieces that can explain your business and trigger responses to your call-to-action. If you are thinking about Live action videos cost, we guarantee the best price quality ratio.

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