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Today, video is the single most essential content marketing tactic. The most important thing is to market your business, and there are many different ways to do it. The commercial ad, on the other hand, is the most effective and well-received method of capturing the attention and interest of viewers.

The placing of video advertisements in order to obtain the message from your brand may have a major influence on your brand recognition. Crafting a captivating message and delivering it through third-party channels is one method to see a tangible benefit. You must, first of all, however, have a solid knowledge of the benefits and downsides of digital video advertising.

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Benefits of video advertising for businesses

1. The video is well-liked: The first and most obvious reason for going with video is that it’s what people desire. More than 70% of the internet audience in the United States views streaming video on a regular basis. This is a group that should not be underestimated.

2. Video has a lot of conversion power: Video is a great way to get people to remember your brand. According to one research, 80 percent of respondents recalled the films from companies they had seen in the previous 30 days. That isn’t the case with text and pictures, which customers are bombarded with so frequently that they seldom recall specific advertisements.

3. Video has a personality for your brand: Video enables you to offer a personality for your business or product. They assist in humanizing your business by allowing customers to connect with a person or circumstance rather than an image.

4. People share videos: It’s predicted that 92 percent of people who see a video will share it with others. The more people share your brand message, the more awareness you have to consider, if you’re searching for an inventive method to enhance brand recognition.

5. For many companies of all sizes, video is definitely an attractive option since it allows you to deliver a message with true impact. It’s especially effective for increasing brand recognition, since consumers recall and share videos more than any other type of material. However, it is important to realize that video has its own set of drawbacks.

Short video ads

Trends in Short-Form Video Advertising that Work The effectiveness of short-form video advertising is based on the lift in ad recall. Assuring that the brand’s message is understood and remembered by its intended audience. Online video has become a strong tool for promoting optimism and exploring new ideas during a year defined by endless uncertainty.

"Advertising using video is more engaging than advertising with text"

You’ll need to know about video consumption and retention data to understand why short-form video advertising will be popular in 2021. According to several surveys from reputable market research firms like Wyzowl, Limelight, and Hootsuite, video consumption and retention are quickly increasing.

Consumption of video

  • Every day, at least five videos are seen by 49% of people.
  • YouTube is used by 73 percent of American people.

  • When compared to text and images, video content receives 1,200% higher social shares (combined).

Retention of video

  • 95% of what customers view on videos is remembered (compared to what they read).

  • 94 percent of video marketers claim that video has assisted their consumers in learning more about their product or service.

  • According to 81 percent of respondents, video assisted in lead generation.

Consider social media applications like Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat to make this data feel more genuine. The rise of these internet monoliths demonstrates that video is the most effective and compelling medium available today.

How to Use Short-Form Video to Tell a Story

When you’re up against the consumer’s attention span, how can you explain a difficult brand or product story? Simple! The video format is shortened. The duration of videos that people are willing to watch is shrinking as their digital attention spans shorten. In less than 30 seconds, the most effective video advertisements catch the attention of the audience and help them remember the brand message.

Let's take a deeper look at some of the most popular short-form video advertising trends,

Bumper ads

The bumper ad is only six seconds long, designed for shorter sessions. It is ideal for when a customer is rapidly watching a video to locate what they need or when they are completely absorbed in a movie.

Viewers are unable to avoid bumper advertisements, ensuring that your message is seen and heard. As a result, bumper advertisements need to appeal to “ad-skippers.” Ad-skippers will appreciate a message that is both straightforward and humorous.

While bumper commercials are short in duration, they are lengthy in impact, resulting in increased ad memory. Because bumper advertisements enhance ad memory, creating films that bring awareness to upper-funnel goals is more important.

30 Second Ads

The 30 second advertisements give the brand’s narrative greater depth and richness. Even though the commercial is still quite brief, viewers are attracted to a more in-depth story than bumper advertisements. The 30-second commercial’s goal is to amuse viewers while also making a lasting impact.

We will need the following information to create brief video advertisements


Your Business Logo

Your business tagline

Your business information

Website URL

our video advertisement Offers

Combination of high-resolution HD stock footage

Video matching, mixing, text, contemporary transitions, and other professional editing techniques are used.

Animations and motion graphics in the 21st century

Writing a screenplay (You can provide your own script)

Male/female professional voice-over (by seasoned American/British voice-over artists)

Background music that is engrossing (royalty free licensed music)

Images of the product, logo, website link, brand name, and contact information

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