video subtitles are made available for the purpose of improving access to video in languages other than English. and so are not to be mistaken for Closed Captions or Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (SDH).

What are Subtitles?

Subtitles are Set/timed onscreen text in a video which include all dialogue synced with visuals. Subtitling is often associated with foreign language films, but can be served on many purposes besides translation. They can be used as an aid for viewers with compromised access to sound on they own language.

Why Use Subtitling Services?

As well as providing video accessibility, subtitling would be a services that also act as a great tool for search engine optimization. English subtitles can be translated into any foreign languages for a wider international audience.

Our Services

Optimistic Designers provides a Professional and accurate subtitle Services for individuals and companies worldwides that includes for,

Video subtitling services

Broadcast subtitling services

Television and film subtitling services

Documentary subtitling services

Promotion and advertising subtitles

Online training, education and learning subtitles

Social media and website subtitles

Vimeo and YouTube subtitles

Foreign Subtitle Languages

At Optimistic Designers, we work with foreign subtitling and subtitle translation. This means we can work on your English video for subtitling and translate it into a number of different languages as per your requirements. We subtitle foreign videos and translate them into English as a target language.

Our Subtitling Process Flow

In Optimistic Designers Our subtitlers are all highly experienced in their field, with at least 2-5 years of experience within the subtitling industry. During the video transcription process, our typists are able to work with videos in a wide variety of formats, and scripts are made in an exactly the same words used in originally style

1. Audio typing

It is an aspect of subtitling. At this step, the video’s audio is heard focused and the audio is convered into text with proper grammar.

2. Loading Scripts

The script is loaded into subtitling software where time patterns are inserted and the audio is synced with the scripts on the onscreen text. At this point, any formatting styles would be added to the captions that include italics, uppercase letters, colour changes, size, etc.,

3. Professionally written and expertly timed

The loaded scripts are viewed and responded to by our professionals to sync them with the scene or video inorder to maintain “zero” difference between video-audio-subtitles.

4. Review And Finalizing

Finally, the video is viewed back and the captions are submitted for proofreading by professionals to correct grammar and spelling, consistency, and accurate timing.

Our prices are highly competitive compared to any competitors, and our flexible approach to subtitling means we can work to tight deadlines, with a wide range of subtitle formats and languages. We are able to offer you a discount when working with pre-written transcripts to create subtitles for your videos. 

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