Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual Assistant Services

“Don’t be concerned about routine everyday activities any more. We’re here to help you succeed in business with our professional Virtual assistance services”

Recruiting additional employees, such as a native personal as secretary/assistant, may be expensive, especially for a startups. Wages, training costs, infrastructure, workplace, and medical insurance, may all result in a considerable amount of money. As a result, the idea of a virtual assistant was introduced as a much more clever and budget option.

Optimistic Designers Solution’s virtual assistant services ensure that your business performs successfully no matter wherever you are in the globe

What precisely mean to be Virtual Personal Assistant (VPA)?

Virtual PA, also widely recognized as “Virtual Personal Assistant,” actually works as your Personal Assistant, supporting you to accomplish more of your business goals by our skilled professionals to assist you with your business back-end tasks such as answering phone calls, preparing quotations and invoices, expense reports, ledgers, holding or fixing meetings, putting together professionally designed PowerPoint presentations or professionally formatted Office Suite documents, etc., so that business people may utilize they valuable time on focusing business expansion.

How does the job of VPA’s emanate from top management?

Businessman or owners

Concerns about staffing

There isn’t enough time to develop your business

Allocate to VPA (Manager or Coordinator) all administrative and overhead duties

Manager or Coordinator

Monitor all tasks are recieved correctly and professionally accomplished.

Manages and assigns tasks to appropriate specialists in order to deliver high-quality results.

Assign all tasks and provide guidance to his/her VPA team in a professional manner.

Professional VPA

In a professional way, a team of well-trained VPA’s performs all types of tasks and paperwork assigned to them

What value does VPA provide for your company and business operations?

Spend Less Time

You won’t have to worry about monotonous businesses backend operations or task if you engage with our VPA. To make your valuable time more profitable, entrust those responsible duties to our VPA.

Reduce Month-on-Month Overhead Expenses

You won’t be paying your VPA’s monthly wages, EPF, SOCSO, Incentives, medical leave, insurances, yearly leave, or other benefits and perks, therefore your monthly overhead costs are reduced. It might also mean saving your company money on other expenses associated with employees, such as office resources and infrastructure.

Assurance of Quality with utmost confidentiality

We carefully instruct the Manager, coordinators and VPA to perform all sorts of tasks. Each organization seems to have a specialized Manager or corodinator who is responsible for skilfully executing the orders you provide. The appointed Manager  or corodinator will then supervise a team of talented VPA to assist your business task, ensuring continuous high-quality outcomes and long term relationship. You may be certain that all of your information and DATA WILL BE TREATED WITH UTMOST CONFIDENTIALITY.

No issues related to HR

This has been shown to be a remarkably cost effective method since they constantly maintain your all kind of tasks without delay & failures, so you don’t have to stress concerning about the issues like large staff, employee’s absence, inefficient employee performance, and cost recurrence while you operate your company

Chopped workload

Holidays and weekends must be enjoyed by spending time with family and friends rather than working for businesses. Let us know how you’d like to handle your tasks and documentation. From there, Optimistic Designers Solution will take care of the rest, so you can enjoy the happy times with your special ones.

We are Fit to any Budget

We do ensure that we are productive and professional when providing the assistance you need with a deep knowledge & understanding of the difficulties faced by small, medium and large companies. But let us know your budget and we will give you a selection of our services to meet your requirements. We are your VA Partners and wish to support your company’s operations by reducing your financial concerns

Optimisic Designers Solution is one of the most reliable virtual assistant company in malaysia, and have served clients in the Malaysia, Singapore, US, and India. With its founder who has dedicated her career to providing all kinds of support to organizations in different industries, Optimistic Designers Solution has established its reputation in the remote workforce. We have an in-house training facility that provides high-level virtual assistant training.

How It Works

1. Complete the application form

Our experts will go over a call or email to discuss a detailed information about your chatbot goal & Objective with you and explain how to fill up the bot Conversation Flow layout.

2. Within TAT of 24hours, we’ll get back with you.

Once application form is completed, we will email you a confirmation of acceptance and analyze your requirements. we would get connected with you through a call. That’s how we can likely assess you, understand your requirements and provide you with an outsourced plan for your company.

3. We'll furnish you with the agreement

Examine the contract and sign it. This is the beginning of your company’s metamorphosis!

4. Deposit the first payment

Simply complete the very first payment and we will begin work on the deliverables.

5. We complete the task for you.

We ensure that our staff completes the task in a timely, smart, and professional manner. 

6. Reports will be delivered to you

We understand how time-consuming it may be to keep track of what your team has done, so we’ll prepare the reports and send them to you on a constant schedules. At Optimistic Designers Solution, we are focused to provide you the best possible value for money. We also don’t want to over-complicate things because we understand how important it is for you to stay focused on your objective.

Benefits of Our Virtual Assistance Service

Expert-level assistance

We make sure that our virtual assistants are well-versed in your workplace mission, process, and resources. Our virtual assistants are adaptable, professional, and invested in your company’s success.

Adapted to Your Specific Requirements

The virtual assistant you’ll be interacting with is exclusively for you and will not be performing any other tasks. This is to guarantee that you get jobs completed for you anytime you desire.

Professional and Reliable

An successful virtual assistant is well-guided in the early stages of his work until he becomes self-sufficient. Because we think you and your company are distinct, our virtual assistants will require some time to adapt to your structure before they can fully work as your employee. We recommend that you set up a regular plan on your schedules to connect with your VPA on a regular basis, if possible.


Our services are reasonably priced, completed on-time, and always satisfied. We strive around the clock to provide you with the finest virtual assistant experience possible.

Updated with the Most Recent

Eliminate yourselves from the headaches of tedious, time-consuming on everyday activities. Allow us to be your preferred partner for professional VPA services.

Why choose Optimistic Designers Solution?

Our most valuable asset is our technically talented workforce. Not everyone has the ability to quickly acquire new tools and technologies. Our experienced team of specialists has been as virtual assitance for long years and has been accustomed to a variety of the newest tools, procedures, and technological advancements to simplify and optimize business operations. At Optimistic Designers Solution, we always guarantee that all of this is achieved within the scope of the service agreement. This isn’t just rhetoric; we follow through with our promises, which ensures our efforts have successful results.

Our Services

Secretarial Work

  • Schedule and events management
  • Appointments
  • Reminders
  • Translation
  • email management
  • outbound calling & forwarding

Managerial Service

  • stressWork Related
  • Quotation & Proposalwriting
  • Social Media Management

Concierge Service

  • Corporate concierge services
  • Personal concierge services
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Flight Booking
  • restaurant reservations

Clerical Work

  • Accounting
  • All Kind of data Entry Projects
  • Data Processing
  • web research & data collection
  • Billing & Invoicing
  • customer service support
  • ecommerce support
  • Data Visualization
  • documentation & presentations

Premium VPA Service

Data Analysis& Machine Learning Projects

Search Engine Optimization

Is a service that you’re looking for isn’t listed?

Please contact us right away; we may still be able to assist you