Voiceover services

Voiceover services

We are Optimistic Designers. With our international pool of talent, we can make sure your message is delivered in your local language and accent with a voice that exactly suits your brand’s identity. An essential part of your brand identity is the voice that it is paired with. How your message is said is just as important as what is said. We will help you out to make the best versions of the voice that perfectly suit your scripted message.

Make sure your brand has its own voice

Our benefits on Professional Voice Over Services

Perfect multilingual voice

We offer word-perfect multilingual voice over services that allow your unique video content to make a lasting impact worldwide on viewers and customers.

Access to more options of languages

With over 50 languages on offer, we will guarantee our customers get great quality voice over recordings to suit any context. From advertising to documentaries, and from fiction to business presentations, we can be sure to achieve your precise needs.

Quality voice actors every time

With Optimistic Designers, you can be sure that you’re getting greater value and an experienced voice-over all the time.

Impactful and Natural

To make sure your message creates an impact in every language is by making sure your voice over is natural and vernacular.

We Translate your scripts

Your selected voice artist can either record from a translated script, or our team of professional translators will first translate your script, then it will be passed over to the voice actors to proceed with recordings.

We work with native speakers

Translators only translate into their native languages and voice over artists will only speak in their first language. In this case, you are targeting such as regional/Native dialects or speakers with a particular accent. We will make sure we find the perfect voice for your brand.

When we begin working on your project, our friendly, approachable team will ask all the right questions in order to make sure we cater the best voice over to your needs. Optimistic Designers Voice over services have been continuously helping businesses to translate and record voices for E-learning, video games, websites, auditions, training videos, podcasts, corporate videos, audiobooks, Youtube videos, etc.. We will verify the synchronization of both the translated professional voice recording script and your original video recording file before delivery.

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