Whiteboard Animation & Animated Explainers

Animations are moving graphics that capture the attention of the audience and readily deliver the information without involving a lot of work. Animations have existed for quite some time. White board animations are a type of animation that is well-known for its straightforward, transparent, and uncluttered presentation. An animated movie drives a hand-drawn expression of information over a white space in a whiteboard animation.


It’s not a new notion to use animation and visuals to interact with your audience or customers. Drawings have been used to express concepts that are otherwise difficult to convey since humans first learned to speak. Applied animation to the graphics/drawings, increasing their worth to thousands of images.

What is whiteboard animation video?

A video that shows hand-drawn elements on a white background, with crisp data through graphics, is called a white board animation video. This animated video starts by breaking down the data into steps, which makes it easier to understand complex ideas. White board animations are also the marketer’s choice for advertising as well as explainer animations. The basic phenomenon behind whiteboard animations is like a stop action video, but the use of software leads to such fluidity in the drawing movements that it looks like a true animation instead of a whiteboard stop motion animation.

Benefits of whiteboard animation?

Wider Usage

Suitable for a variety of topics, Business modules and industries

A Simple Design

Uncluttered with their white background and few “marker”colors (Usually basic black marker).

Language In-dependency

They capitalize on the universality of drawings and can explain even the most complex concepts without needing words.

Cost effective

 Creates magic in a cost effective way.  

Marketing collateral

Whiteboard animation characters draw attention to themselves and increase the chance for acting on the call to action.


They can be shared online via various social media platforms and can be used as a tools by companies to lead the consumer into the brand ideology.

Education presented through a whiteboard animation become understandable and interesting than a normal lecturing classes

Whiteboard animation moves from one idea to the other, until the whole collection of data flows from next to next to convey one big message. Our team performs the task of drawing the message as you define the idea/thoughts. White board animations are extremely popular in many sectors for different purposes, from education to business.

Most of the industries uses whiteboard animation videos to explain they more complex services, which Attracting consumer with not only cool graphics, but also making them feel intelligent and accepted. Whiteboard animations presents the ideas/thoughts in such a way that viewer retains most of it

There are some aspects we never miss-out that are most essential for creating a stunning whiteboard animation video:

The drawing hand

The drawing acts as an anchor for the viewer, Good & Creative Drawing hands are first step to build a whiteboard animation

The name itself implies white background. There is no other way to do it. It is not green board animation or red board animation. It is called whiteboard animation because of the use of plain white background

White background

Build connections

The fluidity of the whiteboard animation comes from the smooth transition between one element and the next. If the elements are disjointed, the animation and content is incomplete.

A well-written script would be the beginning of great white board animation.

Attractive Script

Sound effects and narration

Relevant sound effects combined with great voice overs add an element of authority to the whiteboard animation.

Why Us?

Have you decided to get a whiteboard animation created for your brand? Keep a lookout for the best whiteboard animation company. Optimistic Designers exactly fit that place. Our team is easily reachable when you are finalizing ideas, or need to make revisions to the animation. Now that you know that a lot goes into whiteboard animations, start planning now for yours. We are here to help you out by creating the best in class Whiteboard Animation Videos.