WooCommerce Website Design

WooCommerce Website Design

Woocommerce currently powers over 99% of WordPress e-commerce websites in the US, Canada, and the UK (Source: BuiltWith.com)

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a premium WordPress plugin which allows you to create an online marketplace by adding e-commerce capabilities to your website. Your website transforms into an e-commerce platform with only a few more actions. If you’re wondering, “What is WooCommerce?”, you probably already have a WordPress website and are good to go to sell everything. WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that seamlessly connects with your existing WordPress website, transforming it into a perfectly functioning WordPress e-commerce site in just a few clicks.

Once the plugin was first released in 2011, it rapidly had become the go-to option for anybody seeking to start their own Ecommerce store online.

What Does WooCommerce Do?

WooCommerce comes with fundamental shop capabilities, thanks to a free plugin that can be downloaded from the Plugin Repository or installed directly from your WordPress admin dashboard. While there are plenty of extensions available – eventually it comes with some amazing features out of the box.

Effortless Installation, setup, and integration

WooCommerce's most attractive features

WooCommerce is developed to ensure getting warmed up as simple as feasible, with a smooth installation and Setup Wizard that’ll get you a e-commerce website fully operational with your WordPress theme in no time.

WooCommerce Setup Wizard

The WooCommerce plugin is installed in the same way as any other plugin; install and configure it with a few click.  Once you first install WooCommerce plugin, the Installation Wizard will guide you through the fundamentals of setting up your Ecommerce business Store. Your e-commerce possibilities are practically limitless, but the Control Panel gets right to the point.  WooCommerce is flexible with WordPress, therefore it works with most of the WordPress themes. If you’d like to utilise the official theme, you may choose the Woocommerce theme.

Data Control

You’ll never lose control over the data as well because WooCommerce puts you in the pilot’s seat. Always have access to the database with WooCommerce, incase  If you choose a third-party e-commerce platform, your data information will be deleted or lost if they collapse. No Worries! your choice is perfect, if you choose your ecommerce store using Woocommerce. A successful e-commerce website requires data on client histories and transactions, as well as store productivity. 

Shopping Cart with a Lot of Features

From beginning to end, customise your site visitor’s checkout experience with methods that can help to tranform your visitors into customers. Set up your site the way you want it to be, from the payment gateway to the checkout URLs. The important features utilized for shopping are listed below,

  • Payment Gateways – You may take cheques, COD, bank transfers, or PayPal payments for major debit and credit cards and other Online payments with WooCommerce. Do you prefer stripes? The Setup Wizard may be used to configure Stripes as a payment method to your ecommerce website.
  • Automatic Taxes for Geo-Location – WooCommerce provides you the ability to unlock geolocation and calculate automatic taxes, ensuring that your customers see the expected pricing amount for the product.
  • Scalable Checkout Methods – Manage the whole checkout process from beginning to end. You may sell to specific nations or the wider globe, customise your checkout process URLs, enable/disable guest checkout, but need secure checkout.
  • Currency Options – You may pick from a vast range of available currencies to use as your store’s preferred currency.

Complete product control

Whether you’re selling a single product, a product with multiple choices, or thousands of products… you have complete control over everything and every product using WooCommerce. Countless products- Begin with your first item and spread from there. WooCommerce allows users to add as many more goods as they like, and the only limitation is your hosting provider’s limit. If your product has too many variations, No Problem!! your consumers may choose those options when placing their orders, saving time and money. Each accessible choice can have its own set of styles, colors, pricing, inventory levels, pictures, and much more.

Easier Tax Management

Dealing with taxes is a necessary part of owning a successful e-commerce company. WooCommerce makes it much easier for you by providing a variety of opportunities that make dealing with taxes considerably less onerous.  Because WooCommerce is an online platform designed for selling products online, it has tax management system integrated on it. Custom taxes, major tax computations, and Geo-location tax are few of possible taxes accessible. You may also regulate the tax rates that is applied to your shipping expenses by configuring tax rates into your Woocommerce.

A Leader in Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

“WooCommerce makes use of WordPress SEO to help potential consumers find you”

Because WooCommerce plugin runs on WordPress, your e-commerce store may take full advantage of WordPress’s built-in SEO capabilities.  as a result of this,  WooCommerce stores benefits a considerable boosted SEO.  Enable vouchers and special offers without really reducing the tax.  Product reviews are crucial one for boosting your online sales which can be enabled directly from your dashboard. You can either choose to accept only genuine customer reviews and include a badge recognizing the reviewers as verified.

Selling products is a decent beginning and WooCommerce statistics can help you keep track of whatever you’re selling, recognize trends, and analyse your results so that you can strive for greater expansion.  Use the built-in Store dashboard to instantaneously monitor your traffic, gross & net sales, purchase orders, and activity summary.  WooCommerce reports allow you to see your, as well as print reports. 

Customer Management

The Customer Management system in WooCommerce makes it simple for your website visitors to progress from visitor to customer, and from customer to recurring client. There are a lot of distinct types of accounts and passwords that you encourage your customers to create and make it simple for them to use. You may set up your WooCommerce configuration to automatically generate password credentials and create customer account usernames relying on the client’s e-mail address, helping the account creation process go even more seamlessly. 

Easy Mobile E-Commerce

Customers that buy on their phones and tablets seem to be increasing, and WooCommerce ensures that they also have a positive experience regardless of the device they use. Mobile e-commerce accounts for a significant percentage of online purchases, with anticipated growth rates skyrocketing. WooCommerce seems to be mobile-friendly, so you’ll never lose a business because of the device your visitors use.

Extendable to infinity

The sky is the limit when it comes to WooCommerce extensions. With over 480 add-ons and still counting, you may almost customize your business in any manner you wish to be.  Extensions are add-ons that operate only if WooCommerce is configured firstly, and they provide more features to your e-commerce platform rather than just adding to the main plugin.  You could get free and paid extensions from the WooCommerce store, and the WordPress plugin library has a lot of plugins which are built for or compatible with WooCommerce.

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